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Steps to Leadership Program 

Steps to Leadership Program


STL is an evolutionary program that aligns leading edge psychology with spirit driven guidance. Through personal study, group process and individual coaching, we begin to uncover the fascinating layers of the human mind - conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. This exploration reveals hidden behavior patterns, beliefs and attitudes that are influencing your life in a very powerful way.

The gift of vision opens as you awaken your emotional intelligence and release what no longer serves your greatest potential. At this point you are able to make empowered choices that naturally lead you forward and inspire those around you.

This program includes:
• Program manual with 30 modules based on Psychology of Vision principles
• Facilitated group sessions to accelerate your development
• Individual coaching
• Partnership coaching
• Three Integrative Workshops
• Leadership development
• Coaching and mentoring support
• Steps to Leadership takes place over 6 - 8 months in order to allow
• Payment schedule available

Developing Visionary Leaders with Emotional Intelligence

STEPS TO LEADERSHIP is a program designed to support an evolutionary leap in your personal, professional, and business life.


Based on the premise stated by Albert Einstein that "You can't solve the problem with the same mind that created it," this innovative program will empower you to step beyond what you "think" to a place where you "know." In this place of "knowing" possibilities and opportunities that are aligned with your life purpose are naturally drawn to you. This is commonly known as the law of attraction.


This is exhilarating new work that will enhance and enrich everything you do. By developing yourself as a visionary leader with emotional intelligence, you will awaken to who you truly are and make empowered choices that will open the doors to greater levels of success and personal fulfillment.


How will I benefit from the Steps to Leadership?
1. Understand the Psychology of Change.
2. Discover the inner wisdom that's required for Co-Creative Leadership
   and awaken the Visionary Leader that will support the transformation
3. Examine the dynamics of your life thru The Principles of Psychology
   of Vision.
4. Participate in a creative and supportive coaching/mentoring environment to align with your own emotional intelligence.

The purpose of this program is to:

• Evolve the world of leadership by creating a dynamic new paradigm
  in our work experience - based on vision, collaboration, connection
  and passion.
• Experience practical leading edge tools that take us to the next level
  of living our purpose and our creative potential.
• Let go of self defeating patterns - most of which we are unaware of - that may block higher levels of success in all areas of our lives.
• Gain emotional intelligence/maturity and acquire the ability to use it wisely.
• Empower ourselves and those with whom we are in relationship

• Empower ourselves and those with whom we are in relationship

For Registration contact:

Tel: 250-627-7255 Email:

Limited seating available, pre-register by phone/email or in person.

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