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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please see below a list of questions that are most commonly asked of us. If you have a question regarding your appointment that is not addressed below, please contact our reception team directly as they will be pleased to assist you.

How many appointments will I need?


This varies from patient to patient depending on the scope of your injury or reason for your visit. During your first session, your practitioner will conduct a thorough initial assessment and discuss your treatment plan with you. You will then work together on your individual goals for your wellness journey.


Does MSP cover Physiotherapy?

Only those MSP beneficiaries with premium assistance status are eligible for a combined annual limit (each calendar year) of 10 visits for acupuncture services, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, naturopathy and non-surgical podiatry ($23 deduction per session). 

Do you provide direct billing? 

Most extended health plans will provide some coverage for Physiotherapy. Please check with your provider for more detailed information on benefits available to you. We directly bill Pacific Blue Cross along with other extended health plans, please contact us to inquire if your plan will accept direct billing. However, we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement.

Do I needs a doctor's referral to come to physiotherapy?

In most cases, a referral from your doctor is not required to receive Physiotherapy. Although, some private insurance companies require a doctor’s referral before providing extended coverage so we encourage you to check with your carrier directly.

For WCB and ICBC claims, a doctor’s referral is required in some specific cases. You should speak with your case manager to determine if it is required for your claim.

How long will my appointment take?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a New Patient Form. Initial appointments will be approximately 45 minutes to one hour depending on your injury or reason for visit. Follow up appointments are 20 – 30 minutes unless your therapist has arranged for an extended follow up visit or you have been referred to a Physiotherapist for active rehabilitation exercises following your appointment.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

  • CareCard number

  • Shorts – If you are being treated for a back, hip, knee, ankle or foot problem

  • Shoes/orthotics – If you have a lower extremity injury related to a sport it may be helpful for you to bring whatever shoes (including orthotics) you use to participate in that sport.

  • WCB Patients – Claim #, Carecard, case manager’s name and number

  • ICBC Patients – Claim #, Carecard, adjustor’s name and number

Are we in contact with your doctor?

We ask your permission to send your doctor an initial report after we have assessed you. This ensures that your family physician knows you are receiving treatment for a specific problem and how long we expect to treat you. If you have been referred by a specific physician we will also send them an initial report of our assessment findings.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment time has been specifically booked for you. If you are unable to meet your scheduled time, please be advised that all appointment cancellations do require 24 hours notice. 

We value our patient’s time and want to ensure that those in need of care can access any schedule openings with fair notice, so please understand that appointments cancelled inside of the 24 hour window will be subject to a cancellation fee of $40.



For further inquiries please feel free to contact us at 250-627-7255.

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